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Westbury Private Clients Mis-sold Pension Claims

westbury private clients

Were you advised by Westbury Private Clients to transfer your pension into a SELF INVESTED PERSONAL PENSION (SIPP) which was not in your best interests? Such schemes include car parks, storage pods, ethical forestry, overseas property, farmland, wines, antiques, bitcoins, eco-products, hotels and many more HIGH RISK investments offering HIGH % RETURNS that never materialised.


Some Main Mis-selling Reasons

  • The type of investment change was not clearly explained to you.

  • The Financial Adviser did not explain the higher level of risk the change may have attracted.

  • The Financial Adviser failed to take your, and your families financial circumstances into account.

  • You were not properly informed of how your money would be invested. 

  • The Financial Adviser did not carry out a "fact find" to assess your circumstances, risk attitude and financial goals.

  • You were encouraged to move into an investment that carried a greater risk than you were prepared for, like a SIPP that was not in your financial interests.


If you had £30,000+ in a defined or company pension scheme and were advised to move your pension into a SIPP get a FREE APPRAISAL. You can make a claim yourself, but we are experienced in financial claims, and more than happy to make the claim for you. Remember, our team are at your disposal.

What Types Of SIPP Were Mis-sold?

We have to be clear. Just because your pension pot may have devalued in recent years is not a reason to make a claim. The best way to understand if you have been mis-sold your pension and been the victim of SIPP mis-selling is to look at the nature of the product. If it was an exotic or non-standard investment product it may come under the mis-sold pension banner. 

There has been a wide range of SIPP investments that have become prominent in recent years. Most commonly:

  • Unlisted Shares

  • Renewable Energy

  • Overseas Property Investments

  • Eco Forestry

  • Car Park Schemes

  • Solar Power

  • Burial Plots

  • Art Investments

  • Farmland

  • Diamonds

  • Bio Fuels

  • Film Production

  • Antiques

  • Vintage Wines

  • Rain Forests

  • Care Homes

  • Green Oil

  • Storage Pods

westbury private clients

Check If Your Adviser Is On This List

There are many Advisers and SIPP Providers involved, with more being uncovered as the scale of this comes to light. Here are a few who are under investigation or have gone into default - the list is not exhaustive so contact us if you are unsure.

1 Stop Financial Services

Accuro Finance Limited

Archer Bramley

Active Finance

Active Wealth UK

Alderley Asset Management

Ashfield Financial Planning Limited

Bartholomew Hawkins

BlackStar Wealth Management

Blue Infinitas

Blue Ocean

Carey Pensions

CIB Life & Pensions

Chadkirk Wealth

Cherish Wealth Management

Designed 4 Life

Douglas Ballie

Estate Matters

Ethical Forestry

Financial Page

Foreman Financial Service

Greyfriars Asset Management


Harlequin Property

Henderson Carter

IFA Home Counties

Independent Financial Matters


Knight Wealth Management

Mansion Park

Newton Barr Partnership

Paradigm Financial Partners

Premium Watch Financial 

RHT Financial Services

Roger Harris & Company

Sovereign Wealth

Strategic Wealth UK

(trading as Gibro Wealth)

Talk Financial Solutions Limited

The Resort Group

Westbury Private Clients

Westminster Financial Planning

Wrightway Financial

The Mis-sold SIPP Claims Process

Our Trained Claims Handlers are on-hand to help you make your claim, to ensure it is professionally presented and managed every step of the way. Whilst you have every right to make the claim yourself, free of charge, Claimline Legal will prepare your missold SIPP pension claim and where required provide full submission to:

  • Your Pensions Advisor (IFA)

  • Pension Administrators

  • Financial Ombudsman Service

  • The Pensions Ombudsman

  • The Financial Services Compensation Scheme


No time to read all this? Not a problem. Turn on your speakers and listen to our short 7 minute audio version.

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The success of any missold pension claim will depend upon many factors not least the evidence presented and the way it is managed. A pensions claim may take many months to unravel and resolve. You can trust Claimline Legal to handle your missold SIPP claim.

westbury private clients

It's Time To Make Your Claim


  • You had more than £30,000+ in a defined or company pension scheme before you were advised to move your pension into a SIPP.

  • You have contact details for both your original pension company and the company or Adviser who transferred your pension into the SIPP.

  • You have clear reasons (not just your pension pot has decreased in value) that you feel your pension transfer advice was wrong and unsuitable.



  • We will discuss your situation with you to determine if you have a valid claim. If we feel your claim is valid, we will send you a claim form.

  • Complete the claim form, letters of authority, terms and conditions and send back to us so we can approach both old & new pensions advisers..

  • You claim is underway. We will gather all the information we need to make a full assessment and present your missold pensions claim in a professional manner. 



  • It is expected the Pensions Adviser will defend the claim. Our expert team will re-enforce the case or even contact the Pensions Ombudsman. .

  • Should the Pensions Adviser have gone into administration we will present your claim to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

  • Once upheld, we will check all the necessary paperwork, calculations and regulations to ensure the amount of compensation awarded to you is correct.