missold sipp pension claims


As the deadline for new PPI claims has passed, we are no longer accepting new PPI claims.


However, we are able to advise on any outstanding claims, and reserve the right to investigate any areas of claim which subsequently come to light. We will contact you should this happen.

If your claim is still in progress, we will contact you as soon as we have any further news. Please note any claims processing is taking considerably longer due to the current COVID-19 circumstances. Banks are processing any requests as quickly as they can.


You may have also seen in recent press articles, the potential of a new wave of PPI claims pertaining to commissions paid to salespeople. Two High Court cases have gone in favour of the claimant, but it has also left several unanswered questions and grey areas. We are currently working with all relevant parties to see if your claim is eligible for re-evaluation.


You need take no further action at this time. Should your claim be one of those we can pursue further, we will contact you immediately.  

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