missold sipp pension claims


IMPORTANT. Please read the following as it will give you a brief outline of the claims process.

1. CONFIRMATION. Please keep an eye out for our call. One of our trained Consultants will call you soon. As a professional company representing you, we will not send out any claims documents until we have spoken to you to discuss your specific situation and determine if you have a valid claim.


2. DOCUMENTS. Upon confirmation you have a valid claim we will send you your claim documents. 

Questionnaire - You will need to complete this as it will give us a better picture of your situation.

Terms & Conditions - Sign this so we can act on your behalf.

2 X Letters of Authority - Sign these so we may approach your old and new Pension Advisers.

Once completed and signed, return all to us with copies of supporting documents.

3. INFORMATION GATHERING. Using your Letter of Authority, we will approach your old and new Pension Advisers for copies of all the documents they have pertaining to your pension investments.

missold sipp pensions
missold sipp pensions

4. CLAIM SUBMISSION. Once we have reviewed all documents available, we will compile a professional claim and send to the pension company or Adviser who recommend you transfer your pension pot. Please keep in mind, they have up to 12 weeks in which to review and send an initial response.

5. FULL REPRESENTATION. We will represent you to your Pensions Advisor, The Pensions Ombudsman, The Financial Ombudsman and The Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This is all part of our service and you need do no more.

6. CALCULATION. Upon confirmation of a successful claim we will ensure the amount awarded is correct before it is released to you.


Upon confirmation of a valid claim, may we suggest you start to gather all your pension documents together. Whilst we realise finding these may be a pain, evidence is key to a successful claim and your Pensions Adviser may not be fully co-operative in assisting us if we are claiming against them.